Pre-Marital Counselling

A pre-marital counselling session is not something you go for if you think your relationship is in trouble. A session or multiple sessions with the counsellor will help you understand each other better, ask questions you might not have thought of to ask, make you discuss topics that you otherwise take for granted.


Research says that 30 per cent of couples that underwent premarital education experienced higher levels of satisfaction (post-marriage) as well as a 30 per cent decline in the likelihood of divorce over five years.


You will build your new life on a more solid foundation, once you have understood each other better. Pre-marital counselling helps you do just that. While you might fear to visit a pre-marital counsellor out of the fear that these sessions might unearth problems you aren’t facing right now.


But finding out about them now, and resolving them before they fester and become major deal-breakers will help you ensure a happy marriage.